Extreme Compost Bin

Is this cool or what? When I get ready to build a “permanent” compost bin, it will probably have a concrete paver floor…but this bin is the most awesome I’ve seen so far!

I had originally “reblogged” this really cool page about these really awesome compost bins someone built.  At some point, the pictures was no longer viewable from my WordPress.org blog, but you could still read the written part and all the links were there.  Something happened in the transfer of data and the new blog only has my comments.

Anyway…here’s the link if you all want to have a look: http://backyardfeast.wordpress.com/2011/02/15/how-to-build-the-ultimate-compost-bin/


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    • Yeah it is a nice bin isn’t it? Unfortunately it isn’t mine. I found this post on another blog and was so impressed I “re-blogged” it.

      Just now, I have no compost bin, per se…we’ve been using 5 gallon buckets that were made for the rain gutter grow system for over the winter to store our compostables.

      Now that we have chickens, we will throw most of the stuff to them during the warmer months. I haven’t quite nailed down what I’m going to do with what I collect over winter…I’m thinking though, that once we get the greenhouse setup that I’ll start raising earth worms and they’ll get the scraps over the winter and share with the chickens during the warm months.

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